Post-doctoral position 2018-2019

Post-doc openning : 2018-2019 (this job offer has expired)

Duration : 3 years
Start : September 1st, 2018 (or later if necessary)
Location : LJAD, Université Côte d’Azur, France
Deadline : February 22th, 2018

This position is funded by the European Research Counsel (ERC) Starting Grant “ANADEL – Analysis of the geometrical effects on dispersive equations” and can be held for up to two years. Research activities will be focused in some of the priority lines of the project, that will be identified accordingly to the candidate’s profile.

The project identifies many key topics :

  • Microlocal analysis, nonlinear PDE, hyperbolic equations on manifolds with/without boundary, dispersion, long time behaviour of solutions, propagation et reflection of singularities, diffraction phenomenon.


Contact : oana.ivanovici AT