Funding ID

Current funding

2018-2024      Principal Investigator of the ERC Starting Grant ANADEL  (1,3 M euros over 5 years; the projet has been extended for one year due to Covid 19 pandemic)

Previous funding

2017-2018       Principal Investigator of the ANR grant “Analyse des équations disperses”, funded by French ANR (120 000 euros over 18 months; ended 06/2018)

2013-2018       Permanent member of the ERC Advanced Grant SCAPDE (coordinated by Gilles Lebeau)

2012-2016       Member of the ANR grant GEODISP – “Geometry and dispersion for nonlinear waves” (coordinated by Fabrice Planchon)

2008-2011       Member of the ANR grant “EDP- Dispersives” (coordinated by Nicolas Burq)