Post-doctoral students

Jingrui NIU09.2021 – 08.2023ERC ANADEL
J.Niu is now post-doctoral fellow at INRIA, Paris.
Felice IANDOLI10.2018 – 10.2022ERC ANADEL
F.Iandoli is now junior researcher at Univ. of Calabria.
Lucrezia COSSETTI03.2018 – 05.2018ANR ANADEL
L.Cossetti is now a postdoc fellow at KIT, Karlshure.
Jiqiang ZHENG09.2017 – 06.2018ANR ANADEL
J.Zheng is now junior researcher at IAPCM, Pékin.

PhD Students

Len MEAS 09.2014 – 08.2017 ERC SCAPDE
L.Meas is now at the Royal Univ. of Phnom – Penh, Cambodge
This PhD thesis has been co-directed with Gilles Lebeau at LJAD, Nice.

Master Students

  • 3 master students (one M2 thesis (2018) ; two M1 thesis (2014, 2021))

Member of the jury for the PhD defense of

  • Jingrui NIU (2021), Chenmin SUN (2018), David LAFONTAINE (2018)