La Thuile 2018

Dynamics of Hamiltonian PDE’s

From February 5th to February 9th, 2018, La Thuile, Italy 


  • Organisers  : 

    Oana IVANOVICI (CNRS, Nice), Fabrice PLANCHON (Nice),

    Pierre RAPHAEL (Nice), Nicola VISCIGLIA (Pise) .


  • Speakers :  D.Bambusi, M.Berti, J.Bellazini, J.Bernier, N.Burq, L.Cossetti, A.S. De Suzzoni, L.Gagnon, F.Iandoli, O.Ivanovici, J.Krieger, D.Lafontaine, R.Luca, M.Procesi .

  • Abstracts

  • Program : 

     Monday 05/02
     9h00-10h15 – M. Berti (I)
    coffee break
    10h45-12h00 – N. Burq (I)
    14h00-16h00 – free discussions
    17h10-18h00 – F. Iandoli
    small break
    18h10-19h00 – L. Gagnon
    Tuesday 06/02

    9h15-10h15 – O. Ivanovici
    coffee break
    10h45-12h00 – M. Berti (II)
    14h00-16h00 – free discussions
    17h10-18h00 – R. Luca
    small break
    18h10-19h00 – D. Lafontaine
    Wednesday 07/02

     9h00-10h15 – N. Burq (II)
    coffee break
    10h45-11h35 – J. Bellazini
    Excursion / group discussions
    Thursday 08/02

     9h00-10h15 – J. Krieger (I)
    coffee break
    10h45-11h45 – D. Bambusi
    14h00-16h00 – free discussions
    17h10-18h00 – L. Cossetti
    small break
    18h10-19h00 – J. Bernier

    Friday 09/02

     9h00-10h15 – J. Krieger (II)
    coffee break
    10h45-11h35 – M. Procesi


How to get there ?

Practical information :

Arrival : Sunday, Feb 4th

Departure : Friday, Feb 9th

Hotel :

Getting there :

– get to Aosta by train, then take a bus ;

– get to Geneva airport (by plane or by TGV) and then by shuttle to La Thuile ;


This workshop has been mainly financed by the ERC grant SINGWAVE,  and also by the ERC grant ANADEL and the ANR grant “Analysis of dispersive equations”.