Research management

Research management  :


2016-2020       Elected member of the National Committee for Scientific Research (CoNRS), (section 41 – Mathematics) ;

The CoNRS sections serve as hiring and evaluating committees for CNRS positions.

2017–                   Member of the HCERES evaluation committee (Haut Conseil de l’Evaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur) (in particular evaluation of the following departments : LAGA, Paris 13 (2018), LaMME, Evry (2019), CMAP, Polytechnique (2019), LMRS, Rouen (2021))

2018–                  Associate member of the INSMI’s ERC committee. The goal is to help and encourage applicants to ERC grants.


2020 —              Member of the  Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory board

2018-2019        Member of the “Advanced Research Program” committee of the University Côte d’Azur 

2014-2018         Elected member of the UFR Sciences Council, University Nice Sophia-Antipolis

2012-2018         Elected member of the permanent committee of humain ressources (CPRH) concerning sections 25-26-60 of the CNU, University Nice Sophia-Antipolis


2023                     Member of a recruiting committee on a Professeur des Universités Position

2015, 2016         Member of recruiting committees on  Maitre de Conférence Positions (Montpellier, Strasbourg – 2016, Nice – 2015)

2015, 2019         Referee for ANR

Since 2023     Associate editor for “Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques”

Since 2021       Associate editor (PDEs) for “Advances in Continuous and Discrete Models: Theory and Applications” 

Organisation (workshops and seminars) :

07/2023          “Microlocal and probabilistic methods in geometry and dynamics“, IMJ Summer School, Paris

02/2023          “Nonlinear Waves and Hamiltonian PDEs“, La Thuile

02/2022          “Nonlinear Waves and Hamiltonian PDEs“, La Thuile

06/2019          “Dispersive Waves and Related Topics“, Bergen, Norway

06/2019          “Quantum Resonances and Related Topics“, IHP, Paris

02/2019          “Nonlinear Waves and Hamiltonian PDEs“, La Thuile, Italy

09/2018          “GE2MI conference on PDEs, Control Theory and Related Topics“, Foz del Arelho,  Portugal

02/2018           “Dynamics of Hamiltonian PDEs“, La Thuile, Italy

10/2017            “Propagation of Singularities in Dispersive PDEs“, WPI Vienna, Austria

01/2016            “Seventh Itinerant meeting in PDEs“, LJAD, Nice

10/2013            “Blow-up, Dispersion and Solitons“, LJAD, Nice

2013-2015      Co-organiser of the Seminar “Geometry and Analysis”, LJAD, Nice

2009-2010     Co-organiser of the Seminar “Analysis and PDE”, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, US